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Jun & Yixiao

Hiring Joyce to plan our wedding is the best decision we have ever made. My husband and I have worked with a lot of excellent project managers in our professional jobs, but we are still impressed by how Joyce flawlessly managed our wedding "project".


She would give us a detailed listing of to-do items including priority for each item, she would frequently check in with us on our status of wedding tasks (i.e. deciding on a dress) and offer her help. She would remind us of important deadlines that are comping up such as due dates for vendor payments and maintain a smooth communication with our vendors on all our wedding details and special requirements.


On top of her project management skill, she is very knowledgeable about local vendors and with her recommendation, we are able to find the venue of our dream, and also great florists, photographers, make up artists, caterers that assist us on our wedding day.


Thanks to Joyce's thorough planning and perfect execution - our wedding is exactly what we have dreamed about. I would strongly recommend Joyce to anyone who is planning a wedding - she will deliver a wedding day that is so beautiful which you will never forget.

Caroline & James
Caroline & James

Joyce was an amazing planner, and I have only praises for her work. We had just 5 months to plan our wedding remotely FROM BEIJING, and she helped us create a customized game plan to ensure that we wouldn't miss a thing. I could go on and on, but here are the areas that impressed me most:

- Super responsive - With the time zone difference, this was an absolute must have trait for all of my vendors. Joyce was flexible to schedule quick chats via Skype, and she was lightning fast to respond to emails (frequent real time conversations via email). She very thoughtfully gave advanced notice when she would be unavailable over her Thanksgiving vacation.

- Experienced - With so many options and vendors to choose from, Joyce gave great feedback (based on our customized goals) to help me cut through the fluff to make decisions and move forward. Initially I resisted her recommendations, trying to do my own research, but I seemed to find myself always going back to her original and better suggestions. So I quickly learned to trust her judgment and experience. Her vendor recommendations turned out to be perfect for the wedding and our budget.

- Exceptionally organized - Joyce kept us on track from the big picture vision all the way down to the who-is-bringing-the-guestbook-from-the-church-to-the-reception details. Joyce's comprehensive planning saved me from anxiety and paranoia so that I could rest assured confident that we weren't missing any tasks or items.

- Culturally sensitive - As a Chinese-American, I was not familiar first-hand with my parents' expectations for some of the more traditional elements of our wedding (pouring tea, bridesmaids games). Joyce had a lot of experience on this count and helped us to navigate sensitive waters to ensure that both sets of Chinese and American parents could be involved and appreciate ALL the traditions.

In summary, Joyce was an essential partner and made the planning easy and the wedding itself a BLAST!

Wen & Alex

We went with Joyce after getting recommended to her from a venue in which the director said she loved working with her due to her professionalism and organization. I reached out and upon talking with her, finding out that she had planned a friend's wedding (which went flawlessly), and that she could fluently speak Mandarin - I was sold.

Joyce customizes her contract to your specific event - so you pay for what you need, at a very competitive rate.

My wife and I are based in Chicago, so having Joyce be our point of contact in Atlanta helped a lot. She was very responsive, and as a logistically-oriented person - she was a delight to work with and we got along very easily regarding budgeting, planning, deadlines, vendor introductions... you name it, she's got it covered. She was able to offer great advice when we ran into issues, respecting that it was my wife and my decision and never overly pressing us towards one decision over another.


Joyce's vendor contacts were absolutely amazing - and we went with all her suggestions and were much better off for it. Her name must carry weight with the vendors, as she got us great deals and pretty much earned back all her cost through vendor discounts offered because Joyce introduced us. The venue we chose was new to Joyce, but that didn't stop her from becoming a familiar name with the venue staff - and at the end of the night they had nothing but great things to say regarding the planning and prep for the event. Guess they enjoyed working as much with Joyce as we (and vendors) did.


As a groom doing a lot of the planning, it was a great experience (or as good as I could expect it to be) - and I could not more highly recommend Joyce.


Julie & Kyle

Joyce and her team at SYS far exceeded any expectations I ever had about planning a wedding. We planned a wedding in 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, and Joyce was above and beyond with her support, advice, encouragement, and direction. On top of this, my now-husband and I were not local, and were planning a wedding long distance.


In my life, I have never worked with someone quite as assertive, responsive, organized, and communicative as Joyce... and I'm a lawyer!


In the middle of our planning, Joyce became pregnant, but continued to be on-point literally right up until the day she delivered. On the day of our wedding, she sadly couldn't be there because of her new baby, but her stand-in, Renee, picked up right where she left off without a hitch. Renee made our wedding weekend so smooth and easy, and truly would have made Joyce proud. Joyce made the stress and anxiety of planning a wedding truly a much better experience (particularly given the circumstances), and I could not speak more highly of her, Renee, Sally, and her team at SYS Event Planning.

Rochelle & Brian

We could not have asked for a better wedding coordinator than Joyce. We are a mixed couple (Chinese and Jewish) and mixing elements of our cultures on our wedding day was very important. Joyce was so involved in making our dreams come to life with honoring traditions from both sides. She even was able to arrange an intimate tea ceremony seamlessly into our day. She went above and beyond in so many ways and we highly recommend her for any wedding. She will be sure to deliver.

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