Yiwen & Frank

1. Quality of Service: From budget planning to vendor visits to design the ceremony and reception program to all decorations. Joyce is there to walk through every step of our wedding planning. She keep us on track for a hassle free, stress free wedding planning process and a very successful and beautiful wedding day!
2. Responsiveness: When we have any questions, we usually get response within minutes via text message, phone calls or emails from Joyce. Her answer is always very detailed, most time she will answer the questions that we didn't even think to ask.
3. Professionalism: Joyce really get to know you and your taste and make your wedding have plenty personal touches. After knowing I'm from Shanghai and my husband is from HK, she suggested we have Shanghai cocktail and HK Coffee Milk Tea as specialty drink at our wedding, it was a hit!
4. Value: with the abundant resource online nowadays, people often think wedding planner is not necessary anymore. WRONG! Joyce has saved us so much time and money by providing us insightful opinions and recommend us only trustworthy vendors. It is so important to know your vendor provides the services that meets your expectation. Joyce has the experiences and resources to meet your expectations within your budget.
5. Flexibility: My husband and I both work full time. Before we got married, I lived about 2.5 hr away and only comes back to Atlanta every other weekend. Joyce was so accommodating and flexible. We managed to have all our planning meetings and vendor visits during my short and random visits in Atlanta.
Joyce has been such a blessing for our wedding. Our pianist had health issue the day before our wedding and could not play for our ceremony. Joyce, our wedding planner, stepped in and pulled it off! She got the music sheets from our pianist and practiced the day before the ceremony and it was perfect! Stories like these goes on and I cannot be more grateful for her!

Caroline & James

Joyce was an amazing planner, and I have only praises for her work. We had just 5 months to plan our wedding remotely FROM BEIJING, and she helped us create a customized game plan to ensure that we wouldn't miss a thing. I could go on and on, but here are the areas that impressed me most:

- Super responsive - With the time zone difference, this was an absolute must have trait for all of my vendors. Joyce was flexible to schedule quick chats via Skype, and she was lightning fast to respond to emails (frequent real time conversations via email). She very thoughtfully gave advanced notice when she would be unavailable over her Thanksgiving vacation.

- Experienced - With so many options and vendors to choose from, Joyce gave great feedback (based on our customized goals) to help me cut through the fluff to make decisions and move forward. Initially I resisted her recommendations, trying to do my own research, but I seemed to find myself always going back to her original and better suggestions. So I quickly learned to trust her judgment and experience. Her vendor recommendations turned out to be perfect for the wedding and our budget.

- Exceptionally organized - Joyce kept us on track from the big picture vision all the way down to the who-is-bringing-the-guestbook-from-the-church-to-the-reception details. Joyce's comprehensive planning saved me from anxiety and paranoia so that I could rest assured confident that we weren't missing any tasks or items.

- Culturally sensitive - As a Chinese-American, I was not familiar first-hand with my parents' expectations for some of the more traditional elements of our wedding (pouring tea, bridesmaids games). Joyce had a lot of experience on this count and helped us to navigate sensitive waters to ensure that both sets of Chinese and American parents could be involved and appreciate ALL the traditions.

In summary, Joyce was an essential partner and made the planning easy and the wedding itself a BLAST!

Ivy & Chao

We didn't first contact Joyce until 3 weeks before the wedding date, but she organized a great wedding by working closely with us and the vendors. She knows all the details about a wedding. All we needed to do is to follow her to-do list and meet her deadlines which were easy to complete. She is also very knowledgeable on both Chinese and Western weddings, it meant a lot for our Chinese/American wedding because we had guests both from the US and from China. At the same time, I am really glad she speaks both Chinese and English which made communication much easier. Thank you Joyce!

I highly recommend her to other bride to be.

Caroline & James
Mary & Derek

Joyce was an amazing wedding planner. SHE IS A MUST!

She is super organized and on top of all the action items and tasks. She has alot of connections and really enjoys making sure the wedding will be successful.

The day of the wedding, she was the go to person and excellent communication and coordinating during the ceremony and the reception. She ensures timing and precision with each event and will instruct you on what to do.

I just had my wedding on October 22, 2016-- My wife and I were pretty stress free the day of the wedding because we trusted Joyce to execute. She did an excellent job during the wedding and planning.


Grace & Ben

Joyce was a wonderful coordinator to work with, and she and her team provided exceptional service and attention to detail on the day of our wedding. My wife and I contacted most of the vendors before hiring Joyce, and she seamlessly managed them on her behalf both prior to and on the day of our wedding. In addition, we found it refreshing to work with a professional who could provide helpful suggestions and recommendations based on prior experience. Lastly, and perhaps most important to us, we were seeking a multi lingual coordinator who could interact with family, friends, and vendors in a variety of languages (specifically English, mandarin, and some Cantonese). Joyce and her team had everything covered from this aspect, and was able to work with everyone to ensure our wedding's success. We HIGHLY recommend her!