Congratulations on your engagement! My name is Joyce Lee, owner of Showcase Your Style Event Planning, LLC and I am the only Bilingual Chinese/English wedding planner in Atlanta, Georgia.


Event planning is a passion for me. I started planning events 5 years ago for the Singles group at my church. Most of these events were theme parties and group outings. I also planned the first Singles retreat for our church in 2009.

About Joyce

The Small Details

As a church pianist with more than 20 years experience (I started when I was 12 years old!), I had also served as the pianist for countless weddings. While serving as a wedding pianist over the years, I learnt how to take care of all the minor details involved in wedding coordination because frequently nobody else cared but the musician!!

When I was planning my own wedding, I realized that as an immigrant to the USA, my family was all back home in Malaysia and they could not be of too much help to me since they were thousands of miles away. Therefore, wedding planning became my own “big to do”.

Luckily for me, I was already experienced in event planning and I actually enjoyed performing the tasks that are needed to plan a successful event (not all of them glamorous or sexy!). Noticing that there is a huge gap between the offerings from the traditional event planning firms and the needs for those who desire to have an event that truly reflect their own cultures and styles, I know I want to focus on helping the international community in Atlanta.

I have also received formal training in event planning from Clayton State University and was awarded the Certificate in Event Planning. Armed with 12 years of working experience in corporate marketing, I finally decided to put my business training from Georgia State University's MBA in International Business to good use and started my own event planning firm.

I look forward to discussing my experience with you to create the event that you want!