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We are the ONLY bilingual Chinese/English Wedding Planner in Atlanta area (but we are willing to travel where you need us!)

We specialize in multi cultural weddings that combine traditions with modern touches. I have worked with Chinese, Americans, Indians, Jewish, Vietnamese, Koreans, Hispanics etc. and have a love for different cultures. 

We believe your wedding should reflect YOUR style and heritage.

If you struggle to find a planner who understands your need to blend different cultural elements into a modern wedding, call us!



Embrace every moment...


Joyce was the right choice (ayyyy, I rhymed lmao)

My wife and I hired Joyce after our initial wedding planner wasn't able to make our desired wedding date work. Joyce immediately showed a lot better communication, flexibility, and ability to provide options. She also had the added benefit of being able to cater to both Western and Chinese sensibilities (helpful since my wife is Chinese).


Time after time she showed us vendor options that were of significantly higher value than what the other planner or most venues were showing us. Her experience allowed her to give us plenty of links and examples showing vendors in action, and how certain designs may look (flowers and decoration, food, furnishing, Djs, etc.).


She was flexible to help with some of our last minute needs as the wedding approached. During the wedding day, I didn't have to focus too much on the schedule that Joyce had laid out since everything was all moving according to plan.


During the actual ceremony, she helped usher us around in a way that allowed us to enjoy the day while also hitting all the milestones. All in all, the wedding was a great success. Thanks, Joyce!


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